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Why should you import tile machinery from China?

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Why should you import tile machinery from China?

Anyone who wants to grow up their own business. Whether it is a small workshop or a big factory.

If you want to buy machines for production. You need to face questions like this:

what’s the type of machine to buy?

How many machines should buy if I want to increase my production capacity plan?

How do I make the right choice for my factory of machines to improve product quality and capacity?

Here are a few machine buying tips that will help you in your business growth journey.

First, The quality of production stability is very important for factory production. This should be the highest priority.

Increasing assembly line efficiency can only be achieved by ensuring that the equipment is functioning normally. Once the machinery fails, the entire production line will be dragged down.

So, stable mechanical quality is the first.

The Chinese people’s pursuit of efficiency is very fanatical, which is a global consensus. Because of the huge output, in the factory in China, the production volume of a polishing production line per day (24 hours) is amazing. 84% of the production enterprises can reach 20,000-40,000 square meters per day.

The conveyor belt speed of Basair’s machinery is 25-66 m/min. This high-speed machinery continues to be favored by more than 40% of China’s ceramic tile enterprises. In China, More than 40% of the tile manufacturers choose basair machinery. In the past 18 years, Basair has cooperated with more than 260 ceramic tile manufacturers around the world. Include tile manufacturers like Turkey, Indonesia, India, Pakistan, and other countries.

A stable and widely tested mechanical product must be the cornerstone of your business growth.

Second, reasonable product pricing.

In the past few years, the world has been affected by the epidemic and local turmoil. The global inflation level has been rising, and the economic situation has entered a cold winter. How to buy high-end machinery on a lower budget is everyone’s want.

It is difficult to ask a user to analyze the difference between Mercedes-Benz and Chevrolet from a technical level. How to judge whether a machine has a suitable price is a bit too much for a user.

Here are very simple judgment criteria for reference:

1. Does the business survive long enough?

Because the production of mechanical equipment has very high requirements on the process and process, the trial and error cost of the tile manufacturers (users) in the market is very high.

Therefore, manufacturers must exist long enough, and always focus on a narrow field of expertise and continuous improvement, in order to gain market recognition and survive.

The product pricing of such a manufacturing company is highly likely to be very reasonable.

2. Is the industrial chain developed?

The manufacture of machinery and equipment requires the cooperation of multiple industries and products and has the characteristics of the highly industrialized division of labor and cooperation.

It involves cooperation in electrical, machining, welding, assembly, rubber, and other fields. The integrity of China’s industrial chain is the world’s leading company.

Basair is located in Foshan and Guangdong, and it is also the hometown of ceramic tiles in the world.

Here, the upstream and downstream industries are concentrated and have the world’s leading scale advantage. More than 30% of the tiles in the world are manufactured here.

Excellent industrial clusters and complete supply chain support will greatly reduce manufacturing costs and improve product quality.

3. Is it convenient to transport?

Ceramic machinery is huge. The more links there are in transportation, the more likely it will lead to unpredictable accidents.

Foshan, where Basair is located, has convenient transportation and a dense water network. It only takes 30 minutes to reach the port.

Greatly reduces the accident risk of transportation.

Finally, don’t go too far in automation.

In the past 20 years, the automation of mechanical equipment has been a very good direction, reducing the dependence on manpower, and making it more convenient and efficient.

However, the more complex the system, the more fragile it is. This is one of the basic rules of this world. Basair has the deepest insight into the user: the user only wants a machine that can work stably and normally, not a professional repairman.

How can this be done?

We made some adjustments:

1. Increase the number of PLCs in the equipment, which will increase our cost, but also bring the benefit of non-stop maintenance. Our polishing machines can be repaired and maintained on any polishing head without stopping the machine.

2. Carefully use electronic equipment in machinery, especially components that are sensitive to the working environment. Because the working conditions of the machine are difficult to predict, the environment may be very harsh: dusty, humid, vibration, voltage instability, or even improper use. We use mechanical components instead of electronic components wherever possible because doing so makes our machinery easier to maintain and find suitable replacement parts.

3. . . .

The above are some of my sharing. If it is helpful to you, I hope you can share it with more people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My previous device was Ancora, Keda, MSB or BMR brand, will there be any adaptation issues between machine?

There will be no machine adaptation problems. All our devices are fully compatible with mainstream devices on the market, including some core accessories are interchangeable designs.

Do you provide operation training?

Yes. We provide global on-site technical support services (Include on-site technical Operation Training) . Wherever our equipment goes, our engineers will be there.

How much you save by importing from China?

The costs and fees can vary significantly on the importing country, . But generally , importing from China, you will save 30-80%.

How to become your local regional agent?

We are glad to add-values businesses to whole world partners. We provide agents with lower prices, stable quality, and quantity. As well as market material support and customer resource sharing.

How to import goods from china?

Imported goods can be as simple as one touch point end to complete door-to-door entry. We provide you with a full range of import service solutions.

how about your payment method?

We accept DP /DA /LC /TT /CAD /OA (Not all countries accept). Pls Contact Us First.

What is your tax & fee saving plan?

We have two manufacturing plants, and the consumables (Squaring Wheels & Lapping Fickert) required for the equipment will be exported together with the machine. Will save you a lot of import taxes&shipping fee.

How to install the machine if i buy them?

We provide on-site technical support services to our global customers. No matter where you are! We provide one-stop solutions of machines and services for the whole life from design, manufacturing, transportation, installation, commissioning, after-sales, consumables, accessories and other products.

How do you control the quality?

Our key position employees have more than 5 years of work experience. This will ensure that our products are installed by experienced technical engineers in strict accordance with the operation manual. The work of controlling quality starts at the source. Each purchased part is loaded into the machine only in one condition, and that is to pass inspection. Our electrical components are sourced from world-renowned companies. Japan's Omron, Germany's Siemens, France's Schneider, etc. We continuously improve the manufacturing process and optimize the production process in our production work. while improving quality control. The machine will undergo a 72-hour aging test before leaving the factory to make the equipment stable in all aspects.

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