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Line Polishing Machine For Ceramic Tile Production

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Basair™ Line Polishing Machine is used for lapping, satin finishing, and polishing tiles. Our machines grind the surface of the tile to obtain the desired gloss on the surface of polished or glazed tiles.

Machine Use For Polishing Tile Slab Stone Surface

Ceramic Tile
Glazed Tile / Polished Tile
Stone Slab
Granite Marble Quartz

Video Of Line Polishing Machine For Ceramic Tile Production

Different Version Of Line Polishing Machine

Workable Size (mm)
Workable Size (mm)
Workable Thickness (mm)
3 – 30
Feeding rate (m/1′)10-40
Polishing Spindles6 – 20
Polishing Head Claws2 – 6
Power Of Polishing Spindles (kw)11 – 15
Power Of Main Transmission (kw)15

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Product Features

Foundation Structure - Structural Beams

The second quenching processes eliminate the internal stress of the material caused by welding and high-temperature cutting. Prevent any slight potential deformation of the material and keep the working surface level.

Conveyor Belt

We choose to use big brands products, the belts are more flexible and run more smoothly. Special underside weave design for thicker, tighter and more wear-resistant fiber coverage. Increase the strength of the belt, reduce the friction with the machine, the belt life will be longer, the tiles are moved more smoothly, and improved the quality of tiles.

Polishing Head

Basair polishing machine thread head is one of the core components of the polishing machine. We use the same products as our KEDA machine line to ensure parts are easier to repair and replace. Corresponding KEDA machine line part numbers: KD268C, KD261E, KD269A.

Electric switch

International brand, SIEMENS. Ensure stable production. Using mature products in the market, it is easier to repair and replace.


International brand, Omron. Ensure stable production.


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Basair® is a tile production line machinery manufacturer from China. We have been manufacturing tile machinery since 2006. We provide tile production machine lines, parts, and consumables to more than 120 tile manufacturers around the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

My previous device was Ancora, Keda, MSB or BMR brand, will there be any adaptation issues between machine?

There will be n